Engineering and Counseling Services

  • Providing consultancy services about manufacturing, agricultural machinery and for other industrial uses in related sectors.
  • Identifying assembly methods and working principles about agricultural machinery, machine tools, industrial, facilities, equipment and systems. And also controlling this system.
  • Set up operations, maintenance and repairments to ensure the effective operations and safety control standards for machines, machine parts, engines, appliances, industrial facilities, equipment and systems
  • Providing consulting services about research of technological aspects of special materials, products and processes.
  • Sustaining the exchange of ideas with experts and relevant technical liaison
  • Improvement of the existing machine designs,
  • Adaptation of existing products with  contemporary technologies,
  • Improvement of existing systems,
  • Machine and mechanical design according to process
  • Programming electrical-electronically and mechanical components needed for the operation of design. 

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Industrial Machinery and Product Design Services

Design and propound different types industrial equipments in accordance to customer requirements and needs

Respond needs about machinery and equipment, industrial plant design, project and monitor of the production

  • Preparing project file of currently imported machines with added new features accordance to clients wishes and needs.
  • Provide consultancy and development production about partially or fully completed machinery or mechanism
  • Reverse engineering
  • Rehabilitation of existing machines and facilities
  • Methods engineering consultancy
  • Prototype, special mechanisms and industrial products design and production support

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Turnkey Machinery, Equipments, Product and Manufacturing Support

Turnkey industrial facility and machinery manufacturing support

Research&Development, manufacturing, installation, automation, follow up and execute the installation stage

  • Studies on R&D work
  • Manufacturing according to dimensions and tolerances on technical drawings.
  • Mechanical and electronical assemblies according to project.
  • Activating machines after completion of automation stage.
  • On-site installation, submitted while machine is running.
  • Providing training of operators about machine or equipments.
  • Provide user and maintenance guide.

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Conveyors and Conveyor Equipments Design Services

Designing according to specifications of the products to be transported with the conveyor.

As result of R&D activities and engineering calculations uncover of the geometrically design of conveyor.

Providing support for complete manufacturing and assembly of the conveyor by customer requests.

Technical support on the conveyor belt selection.

Types :

  • Belt Conveyors
  • Roller Conveyors
  • Chain Conveyors
  • Helical Conveyors
  • Telescopic Conveyors
  • Flex Conveyors

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Covers and Taking Precautions for Machinery and Equipments

Protective covers should be used in order to provide occupational safety and employee health standards. This covers is taken for the purpose of ensure workplace atmosphere isolation from “noise, dust and odor” besides employee safety.

Machine Protectors and Safety Precautions :

Moving parts of machinery constitutes source of danger and leads to work accidents at work places. Moving parts of machines with taken under protection by using protectors provides a secure working environment for all employees especially for machine operators.

If the machine oriented danger can not be eliminated from source or risk cannot be pulled to acceptable level, machine guards would be used.

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Solid and Surface Modeling Services

Provision of services in the fields of design of the claimed product, modeling and production preparation

Solid and Surface Modeling :

  • Products drawings as 3D solid or surface model at computer environment.
  • Three-dimensional model revisions in accordance with the request.
  • Preparation of technical drawings of three-dimensional model.
  • Creating appropriate images from 3D models for catalogs.
  • Mechanical strength analysis of the modeled system.
  • Mechanical system simulation, animation and video preparation.

Designing is carried out by using solid modeling techniques. In this way, producers and users have knowledge of the visual and the implementation of changes that may be required can be easily

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Technical Drawing Support

Preparation production drawings technical machinery and tools which will be produced in compliance with the international standards.

Technical Drawing :

  • Drawings for production stage appropriate to technical standards
  • Technical drawings suitable for certificates as CE, patents.
  • Transferring existing drawings and projects into computer environment
  • Revision and renovation of existing technical drawings and three dimensional drawings.

Assembly Drawing :

  • Assembly drawings of the products
  • Specifying sequence of installation on the image. (Numbering)
  • Preparation of the track list.
  • References defined exploded assembly drawing.
  • Preparation installation (assembly) guide an user manual
  • Preparation drawings about items belonging to the installation and operating instructions.
  • Creating drawing for price lists
  • Documents, catalogues, operating manual, technical  drawings regarding to work
  • Technical drawings about certificates like patent, utility model application

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User Manual and Product Catalogue Services

Designing promotional tools that are indispensable for companies, from one page introductory brochure. Product catalogues and advertisement material of all kinds products aiming to be understood easily by end user.

Part lists, installation and user manual design.

  • Rendering  for to be used in catalogues and the other studies
  • Establishment of images and setup diagrams related to usage
  • Projecting pneumatic circuit design
  • Preparing exploded views which will be in user manual and listing sub-assembly parts

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Occupational Health and Safety Precautions Services

We serve with the purpose of ensure the safety both job and employees.

Subjects : 

Protective mechanical covers, sensors and barriers for machinery and equipments.

Workplace safety and employee health protection systems for pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Application of warning markers for occupational health and safety.

Protective Covers :

  • Isolation booths for high-decibel sound
  • Thermal insulation cabins
  • Prevention and energy-saving systems for energy leaks

References :

  • Compressor cabin noise isolation
  • Vacuum pump noise isolation
  • Hydraulic pump, units and engine cabin noise isolation
  • Automatically energy conservation thermal insulation system for oven inlet and exit

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