Covers and Taking Precautions for Machinery and Equipments

Protective covers should be used in order to provide occupational safety and employee health standards. This covers is taken for the purpose of ensure workplace atmosphere isolation from “noise, dust and odor” besides employee safety.

Machine Protectors and Safety Precautions :

Moving parts of machinery constitutes source of danger and leads to work accidents at work places. Moving parts of machines with taken under protection by using protectors provides a secure working environment for all employees especially for machine operators.

If the machine oriented danger can not be eliminated from source or risk cannot be pulled to acceptable level, machine guards would be used.


Machinery Protector Specifications and Types :

Protection designing should be carefully. To be considered and paid attentions to perform protect duty as expected and not to interrupt the work while processing.

Some hints should be taken into consideration in the protector design :

  • Designed guard should be prevented employees or other persons from reaching to processing areas.( hazardous places on machine)
  • If the protective piece removes from the machine, the system must be stopped
  • The material must be long life and durable.
  • Employees should not easily remove protections. However they should be easily capable of being opened in time of maintenance and repair operations.
  • The guard should prevent from ejection of work piece.
  • While aiming to take under control of existing sources, it should not be a new source danger in itself.
  • It should not cause delay for employees, should not expose new difficulties and should not impede the process to be done.
  • The design should be made with attention about taking off cover easily for maintenance and repairment periods.
  • It should not require maintenance.

When considering protector structural specifications of the machine the design has had a significant role in the long term ergonomic operation. A design dimension has taken place in the standards and regulations as the result of these studies.


Machinery and Equipment Cover Systems

Machinery and Equipment Cover Systems