Quality Policy

  • As a company, to submit quality products and services in accordance with existing in the related national and international standards and legislation in our activity areas,
  • Adaptation philosophy of sustainable development in all the processes to our Management System,
  • With all our units and employees; to make difference by embracing universal values integrated into the corporate identity and culture and to provide added value in life, society and organization,
  • To improve teamwork of our employees and quality of workforce and raise their knowledge and skills by creating environmental consciousness, continuous education with the activities,
  • Providing environmentally safe occupational health and safety rules that require full implementation of the other in all our operations,
  • Meeting our customers' needs and expectations by tracking technological innovations in our industry simultaneously with the world in accordance with the requirements of the management system all with our experienced staff,
  • In this direction, we are committed to provide studies of our staff focused on customer satisfaction by increasing awareness within, ensures undelayed and exact by performing customer demand, for the, energy, of raw materials and the use natural resources in the most economical way.