Technical Drawing Support

Preparation production drawings technical machinery and tools which will be produced in compliance with the international standards.

Technical Drawing :

  • Drawings for production stage appropriate to technical standards
  • Technical drawings suitable for certificates as CE, patents.
  • Transferring existing drawings and projects into computer environment
  • Revision and renovation of existing technical drawings and three dimensional drawings.

Assembly Drawing :

  • Assembly drawings of the products
  • Specifying sequence of installation on the image. (Numbering)
  • Preparation of the track list.
  • References defined exploded assembly drawing.
  • Preparation installation (assembly) guide an user manual
  • Preparation drawings about items belonging to the installation and operating instructions.
  • Creating drawing for price lists
  • Documents, catalogues, operating manual, technical  drawings regarding to work
  • Technical drawings about certificates like patent, utility model application


Technical Drawing

Assembly Drawing